Pre-insulated steel pipes

Pre-insulated single steel pipes are insulated with polyurethane foam (PUR and covered with PE casing pipe. It is a rigid connection system, meaning a continuous connection between the steel pipe, PUR-foam and casing pipe. The pipes can be delivered in 6, 12 and 16 m lengths, dimensions from DN 20 – 800 in insulation series 1, series 2 and series 3. See chapter 2.9 for detailed descriptions of dimensions and sizes. Set Pipes can also offer insulation of other material not specified in the product catalogue. Please contact our technical department for other requirements. In addition, pre-insulated steel pipes in sizes from 20 – 28 mm produced in coils are available. All information about the flexible steel pipes can be found in chapter 4 under EliSteel.


Set Pipes requires that each of its suppliers meet the highest standards for all material. All suppliers have to be certified according to ISO 9001 and they are evaluated before further cooperation. The quality of incoming materials is tested and documented before commencing the production process.

Production Control

To ensure a high product quality the entire production from Set Pipes goes through strict quality control. The quality control of pre-insulated steel carrier pipes is according to EN 253 standard for district heating pipes. Furthermore, additional tests are carried out and documented. Highly qualified employees and their awareness of quality is our strength in manufacturing.

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